What makes Looksee Designs sneaker display cases different?

Looksee Designs - Premium Acrylic Shoe Display - Clear Shoe Cases - Clear Shoe Boxes

The answer is quite simple but we will still break it down in detail! Over 85% percent of our repeating customers have owned at least one alternative plastic shoe display case.

Here’s the truth as to why: 

Looksee Designs - Le Moyen Sneaker Display Case Setup

While we cannot deny that prices are drastically different between our acrylic sneaker display cases and our competitors plastic sneaker display cases, we can guarantee that the quality comparison is similar to that of a Mercedes AMG and a Honda Accord. They both help create an efficient way of storing your sneaker collection in something that is not the inconvenient cardboard boxes they are sold in. Only one creates an extraordinary displaying experience and happens to be Looksee Designs. 

Key differences between Looksee Designs Acrylic Sneaker Displays and others on the market:

  • Looksee Designs’ products are manufactured utilizing high-end 4 millimeter cast acrylic. Acrylic is much more durable than traditional plastic and glass while maintaining high level optical clarity and transparency. Plastic sneaker displays tend to also handle heat poorly and will ultimately result in them losing structural integrity over time. Fun fact: Acrylic is also considered a renewable material as any imperfection can be buffed and polished back to a like-new condition.
  • Looksee Designs’ products come preassembled which ensures they are put together to last and saves our customers valuable time when transitioning from their traditional shoe boxes. Time is priceless! 
  • Looksee Designs’ displays are designed with innovative acrylic door hinges along with magnetic tabs that allow for the easiest access to any prized sneaker without a hassle. Other displays on the market tend to have plastic tabs that lock their doors shut. The problem with this method according to our customers is that they lose effectiveness over time and snap off quite easily. With Looksee Designs’ displays, there is never a need for any replacement doors. 
  • Looksee Designs’ displays feature interlocking mechanisms that allow users to stack them up as high as they have the ability to reach without worrying about them falling over. Although, we do not advise letting children hang from the doors!
  • Back to the topic of acrylic possessing high visual clarity, most of the other shoe display cases on the market have colored walls making only one side of shoes visible from all angles in a room while Looksee Design acrylic display cases have the ability to show off every angle of a shoe unless of course you put it against the wall!

Looksee Designs - Container Store - Comparison

Looksee Designs has had the opportunity to work with brands like Nike, Adidas Golf, and Puma along with having an amazing customer base consisting of professional athletes, some of the biggest sneaker collectors in the world, and A-list celebrities. We are currently in the middle stages of releasing a handful of new acrylic displays that possess the same high quality functionality and aesthetics that our sneaker displays have. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be the first to hear about our company’s updates. Remember that there’s no sneaker that wouldn’t be stored and displayed amazingly in a Looksee Designs Acrylic Display. From Nike Trainers to Vans and all the way up to designer kicks from names like LV, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Dior, and Rhude have been showcased in our products.

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Looksee Designs - Premium Acrylic Shoe Display - Clear Shoe Cases - Clear Shoe Boxes
Looksee Designs - Premium Acrylic Shoe Display - Clear Shoe Cases - Clear Shoe Boxes