A New Beginning For Looksee Designs

Looksee Designs - Premium Acrylic Shoe Display - Clear Shoe Cases - Clear Shoe Boxes

It is not a secret that Looksee Designs has been a bit quiet to say the least. The time to make the much needed rebrand is here. In this blog post, I will give you a couple vital updates that our community has been curious about. 

Let's jump right into it!


Q. What has the Looksee Designs Team been up to the past year?

A. Short answer - working! Long answer - The team has been seeking out the right partner to help take Looksee Designs to the next level (we found that person and it happens to be a long-time supporter of the brand), working out every logistical kink imaginable, and reflecting on where we want to take the brand as a whole. Oh yeah, cannot forget to mention we designed a new product deemed Le Côté.

Q. Does Looksee Designs have a new website? 

A. Yes! We are stoked that you have noticed the website makeover. We spent a substantial amount of time redesigning the site to be as user friendly as our web designs skills would permit. The new official url is lookseedesigns.us and features an overall minimal aesthetic design that we feel suits the brand appropriately. 

Q. Does Looksee Designs have a new co-owner? 

A. It does. As stated above, the team knew it was ready to hit the ground running and create some noise amongst the sneaker industry. We are proud to announce that Jacob Bailey aka Jake88, a well known sneaker enthusiast from Colorado, has joined the Looksee Designs family. Jake has a serious sneaker collection that you can check out over on his instagram and is fired up to elevate the sneaker display game! We will be doing a dedicated Q&A blog post on Jake very soon. Stay tuned! 

Q. Will Looksee Designs be attending sneaker shows? 

    A. Absolutely. We already have a couple shows lined up for the remainder of 2021. If you know about a local show, let us know about it! As of now, the two big sneaker shows we have lined up to sell at are Sneaker Con Phoenix and Sneaker Knockerz's Miami Sneaker Convention.
    Q. Will Looksee Designs' displays be carried in stores? 

    A. That is the goal! We are planning to have a well established wholesale program in the next couple of months. If you are a store owner and have interest in carrying our displays, please do not hesitate to reach out! We also have a couple retail exclusive items releasing very soon. 

    Q. I noticed you got a new logo. Will it be replacing the old logo found on the displays? 

    A. That is a great question. Unfortunately, we do not quite have the answer to that. We have had our cursive style logo for going on 7 years now and felt it was time for a modern update. All of our products will feature laser etched logos instead of screen print moving forward but as far as which logo we decide to go with is still up in the air! 

    Q. Will Looksee Designs offer discounts or bulk deals? 

    A. Occasionally we will offer an exclusive discount to those who subscribe to our email newsletter or are existing customers. As far as bulk deals, we are open to working out something for those looking to purchase a substantial amount of Display Cases for their collection. If this applies to you, please send us an email or hit our Contact Page here.

    We will be posting new blogs weekly so make sure you bookmark the site and stay up to date with all things Looksee Designs!

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    Looksee Designs - Premium Acrylic Shoe Display - Clear Shoe Cases - Clear Shoe Boxes