It’s Time For You To Upgrade The Way You Store Your Sneakers. Here’s Why!

Looksee Designs - Premium Acrylic Shoe Display - Clear Shoe Cases - Clear Shoe Boxes

Imagine spending years (and a lot of money) collecting sneakers, creating that perfect collection of grails stacked on one another just for your friends/family to come into your sneaker room to stare at a pile of boxes. All sneakerheads know what I’m talking about! You want to show your friends your pristine OG Space Jam 11s, but they're stuck all the way at the bottom of this never-ending pile of old cardboard shoe boxes. It’s 2021, there’s a much easier way to do this now.  It’s time to get rid of your old boxes (or store them away somewhere safe) and upgrade to the perfect Display Cases for all your heat! Looksee Designs' Display Cases will be your new best friend, and I’m here to tell you why.

Looksee Designs Sneaker Display Cases

Let’s trace back to our previous predicament of trying to show off those OG Space Jams. With old traditional boxes, you’re stuck either asking your friend to help you take down numerous boxes or doing it yourself as your friend watches you helplessly struggle. All this just so you can pull out one pair of shoes to show him. However, if you had Looksee's Display Cases, this whole ordeal would be completely avoided. With this simple upgrade, you wouldn’t even have to take the shoe out at all! The high-quality displays allow a full 360 degree window to any shoe you decide to store in them. These are OG Space Jam 11s though, and your friend probably wants to see them in-hand. Problem?  Absolutely not. Equipped with a magnetic drop side door, there’s never been an easier way to take your shoes out of a box.    

Looksee Designs Acrylic Sneaker Displays

Looksee Display Cases aren’t just for flexing your collection. We know there are many sneaker heads who love to collect in private. Just because flexing isn’t a priority for you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade the way you store your sneakers. After years of wear and tear, how many of your boxes look like they’re still brand new? Probably not a lot. I’m sure if you looked at your collection right now, one of your stacks are probably leaning to the left a little because of that one box one thirds from the bottom that’s barely hanging on for dear life.  Upgrading to any of our Looksee Designs Display Cases would immediately fix this problem. Every one of our display cases has an interlocking mechanism that allows you to stack displays as high as you can reach without any problems.

Looksee Designs Plastic Shoe Display Cases

Nowadays, many sneaker heads have upgraded their sneaker collections to display cases. Sneakers being displayed all over Instagram isn’t new, so what’s going to set you apart from the rest of them? Looksee Design Display Cases is your answer. The high-end quality acrylic will not only keep your sneakers safe, but will also make your sneaker look worthy enough to display at the Louvre Museum. The ease of our magnetic drop doors will make taking your shoes in and out much easier. Stacking display cases will ease your mind of any boxes breaking down and taking your entire collection with it. Also, if anything were to happen to your Looksee Design product, each Display Case comes with a One Year Limited Warranty. Your sneaker collection is precious, and you should treat it as such. Upgrading to a Looksee Designs Display Case should be a no-brainer. Let us help you make your life easier, and your sneaker collection even better!

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Looksee Designs - Premium Acrylic Shoe Display - Clear Shoe Cases - Clear Shoe Boxes
Looksee Designs - Premium Acrylic Shoe Display - Clear Shoe Cases - Clear Shoe Boxes