Insane sneaker display setup for a world champion - Caleb Plant

Our team had the honor of not only having world champion boxer Caleb Plant become a Looksee Designs supporter but he also invited the team out to his Las Vegas home to set up a massive 125 Le Cote Shoe Display configuration and get some next-level content at the same time!

Looksee Designs Le Cote Shoe Display Case Setup - Caleb Plant

As soon as we received the green light, we packed an entire U-Haul trailer full of our Le Cote Shoe Display Cases and hit the road for our five our hike to Las Vegas! When we arrived, we are greeted by Caleb, his wife Jordan, and videographer Green who were all shocked by what 125 Display Cases actually looked like in a living room. Everyone was amazing and very welcoming! We spent about four hours setting up all the displays, breaking down the packaging, and filling the Caleb's new displays with nothing be heat! Oh... cannot forget to mention we chatted about sneakers and collecting for 95% of the time.

looksee design clear shoe box setup - caleb plant

At Looksee Designs, our team takes pride in our customer experience and will now be hand delivering any orders over one hundred acrylic shoe displays to any connecting states from Arizona. This will give us the opportunity to not only meet our major supporters but also cut down the setup time drastically. This is optional and we respect anyone's privacy who does not wish for our team to come out. 

At the time of this blog article being written Caleb's contract to fight Canelo Alvarez has been finalized and will take place November 6th 2021. You can take a guess at who the Looksee Team will be cheering for! 

Clear Shoe Box - Looksee Designs    

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