The First Original Physical And Digital Sneaker By Sole Savy

Looksee Designs - Sole Savy - SS4 - Acrylic Sneaker Display - Shoe Display Case - Acrylic Shoe Boxes - NFT

Looksee Designs has recently collaborated with the innovative minds over at SoleSavy to release a laser-etched Shoe Display Case for their upcoming SoleSavy SS4 release. It is extremely hard to stand out in today's wildfire of sneaker culture. But that's precisely what SoleSavy is doing with their newest sneaker release. For this new initiative, SoleSavy has entrusted the minds of two well-known designers - Gemo Wong and Justin Taylor. These two are responsible for designing some of the sneaker culture's most hyped capsules, including Travis Scott's Cactus Jack x Jordan Brand collection and the Dior x Jordan collaboration.

Looksee Designs - Sole Savy - SS4 - Acrylic Sneaker Display - Shoe Display Case - Acrylic Shoe Boxes - NFT

What makes this capsule so special is the way you got the shoe. The traditional route of going to the store or shopping online for this pair of sneakers initially didn’t work. The SoleSavy SS4 accompanied an NFT released by SoleSavy as a free gift. This was the company's first initial movement into the metaverse and helped shed a positive light on the web3 space. The utilities that come with the NFT are access to future NFT drops, sneaker releases, member-only events, and other perks such as merchandise and giveaways!

Looksee Designs - Sole Savy - SS4 - Acrylic Sneaker Display - Shoe Display Case - Acrylic Shoe Boxes - NFT

"We're really excited to introduce the SS4 sneaker and NFT, unlocking the next level of consumer experiences both in the real world and the metaverse," Pralica, SoleSavy's CEO, said in a statement. "The SS4 will allow SoleSavy to create a new consumer journey that doesn't end at the point-of-sale, extending our mission to serve the most loyal sneaker enthusiasts."

SoleSavy released the 2,018 NFTs with its physical counterpart on April 18th, 2022. Every sneaker received a custom laser-etched clear stackable shoe box, created by LookSee Designs, exclusive to this drop only. The SoleSavy SS4 was manufactured by Garrixon Studios in Philadelphia. The studio has worked with famous artists and innovators such as the Olympic Gold Medal Winning wrestler Kurt Angle and world-renowned artist Dan "Mache" Gamache.

The Shoe Display Case is made with a premium acrylic construction that includes an ultra-durable magnetic door latch to keep your sneakers safe and easy to access. The Clear Stackable Shoe Boxes are perfect for displaying your SoleSavy SS4s. You'll be able to display the SoleSavy SS4 to everyone, letting them know you're one of the few to participate in this new initiative.

Looksee Designs - Sole Savy - SS4 - Acrylic Sneaker Display - Shoe Display Case - Acrylic Shoe Boxes - NFT

The team at Looksee Designs is exceptionally excited to have been a part of this release! Having the honor to accompany such an ambitious push into something the sneaker world doesn't usually see is very humbling. We look forward to continuing working with SoleSavy and other members of the sneaker community on more innovative projects like this in the future!

Did you make the venture into web3? Let us know what you think about the SoleSavy SS4 and our accompanying acrylic shoe box in the comments below!

Stay tuned to SoleSavy's social media for more information. And in the meantime, check out Looksee Designs for all your sneaker storage needs! Our high-quality products will ensure your sneakers are always on display and look fresh.

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