Off-White™ Nike Dunk Low "THE 50" 01 of 50 & 50 of 50 Release

The time for "The 50" from Virgil and Off-White to release is finally here. This morning a handful of raffles surfaced including the opportunity to purchase 01 and 50 from a couple of Off-White flagship locations. 

All 50 pairs share strong similarities with one another with only slight alteration to make them stand out from one another. Release information about the other 48 color ways is still yet to be confirmed but we assume we will be hearing more about them in the coming days. 

As of now, all raffles require applicants to pick up their pairs in-store with an identification card that matches with entries. This makes us wonder if Virgil and Nike are planning to make "The 50" accessible for anyone wanting to purchase them. Current resale value of early pairs of the Nike Dunk Lows have peaked over $1,000. 

Off-white nike dunk low 50 - looksee designs


Off-white nike dunk low 50 - looksee designs

Images via Off-White Official Instagram account

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