Looksee Designs' Creator Spotlight - Winona Kicks

Looksee Designs - Premium Sneaker Displays - Winona Kicks

Welcome to Looksee Designs' second Creator Spotlights. This segment serves as a way to showcase the amazing individuals who support our brand's movement! In today's blog, you will learn about a rising content creator Charley who goes by Winona Kicks!

Let's jump right into the Q&A where you will get to know more about Charley and his passion for sneakers and content creation!

 Looksee Designs - Premium Sneaker Displays - Winona Kicks

Looksee: Tell our community a bit about yourself. (Where you are from, how old you are, and how long have you been into sneakers?)

Winona: My name is Charley, otherwise known as Winona Kicks! I was born and raised in Minnesota and continue to live in southern MN now. I first started getting into sneakers only a few years back. I started by flipping used pairs in my college dorm freshman year and posting about my experiences with them. Since then, I have left reselling to work full time doing marketing while finishing up college. The total sneaker journey has been almost three years now!

Looksee: With over 245,000 followers on TikTok, what would you say was your key to growth? Do you have any advice for someone trying to get into content creation or start treating their social media more than a hobby?

Winona: I would say the key to my growth has been consistency. I have posted every day for the past two years, only taking a few breaks for holidays or vacations. When I started posting, I remember other content creators in the same space that were a lot bigger, but their consistency wasn’t there like mine. I have since passed them, and I think consistency is the biggest factor. So my advice would be to post what you enjoy. Don’t ever get into content creating for the money or gifts, do it because you enjoy it. Otherwise, you will burn out.

Looksee: What is the one sneaker grail you would choose if money wasn’t a factor in purchasing them?

Winona: The biggest grail of mine would be the Nike Air Mags. I’m a huge fan of technology and sneakers, and I love all the Back to the Future movies and think that this would be the ultimate grail. An obtainable pair that I look to get soon is the 1985 Chicagos. That's where it all started, and I think it would be a sweet pair to have.

Looksee: What made you decide to go with Looksee Designs’ displays over any other solutions on the market?

Winona: Quality. I have had other display boxes and solutions for displaying my sneakers, but I wanted the highest quality boxes to show off my grails. Looksee was the best option on the market!

Looksee: What’s the craziest sneaker story you have? (Campouts, nightmare transactions, trips to shows, etc.)

Winona: My first retail Jordan 1 hit was the Mochas a few years back. I entered all the raffles I could, and the nearest Finish Line was 5 hours away in South Dakota. I woke up the morning of the release and didn’t hit on SNKRS… no surprise there. So I ended up winning the raffle at the Finish Line. So I spent the entire day driving there to pick up my pair—worth the drive and gas money.

Looksee: For those reading this that may not know you outside of social media, what other hobbies do you have?

Winona: Like I said before, I love technology. I watch many Youtube videos about new products and camera equipment I can use to improve my workflow. I also am an avid golfer and play in multiple tournaments a year, holding around a five handicap.

Looksee: Do you have any pointers for someone getting into sneaker collecting?

Winona: Buy Used. I always try to buy used when it comes to expensive pairs. I always try to get the cheapest and best condition pair on the market because it's only up from there. I never try to lose money on sneakers, so if done correctly, you can have the repair you want for only the initial investment and cash out later. 

Looksee: Do you plan on attending any sneaker shows or events this year? If so, which ones are on the radar?

Winona: Yes! I love to go and meet my followers and connect with the community. I always try to attend the Minnesota events when they pop up, but I would love to attend Sneaker Con eventually! I’ve also heard about Got Sole events. 

Looksee: Are there any other creators you look at for motivation or content ideas? Also, who are your top three creators at this time? (No particular order)

Winona: Kevin Concepts is someone I look up to for the quality of content he posts and the creations he makes. The creativity levels are through the roof from this guy. Another creator would be HappyLifewood. I have become close friends with both of them! They are truly good people. He creates some of the most amazing sneaker woodworkings of sneakers or athletes such as Kobe, and the time and effort I appreciate a ton. Another one would be ByDimino. JD and I have talked a lot, and he runs a few pages with some of the highest quality sneaker content on Instagram. In addition, he provides a unique look at some of the newest pairs.

 Looksee Designs - Premium Sneaker Displays - Winona Kicks

Looksee: Favorite sneaker in your collection?

Winona: No question, my Off-White 4s.These were my first grails, and I will never sell them because of that! Virgil was a creator like myself, and he was a true inspiration for myself and the community.

Looksee: What can our community and the rest of the sneaker community look out for from Winona Kicks in the next couple of months? (Any teasers)

Winona: My plans for this summer are a ton of youtube content! I have put a lot of hours into those videos and plan to hit it hard at least two videos a week! Also on the hunt for some grails, so coming soon to the collection! Otherwise, just post daily on Instagram, Tiktok, and hopefully more Youtube! 

Looksee: Three words to describe the current state of the sneaker industry. Go!

Winona: Fresh, New, Thriving

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