Looksee Designs' Creator Spotlight - Romyybae

Looksee Design - Premium Acrylic Display Cases - Romy Marie - Romyy

Welcome to Looksee Designs' third Creator Spotlight. This segment serves as a way to showcase the amazing individuals who support our brand's movement and create amazing digital content in the sneaker & fashion industry! In today's blog, you will learn about a unique, female content creator Romy Marie who goes by Romyybae!

Let's jump right into the Q&A where you will get to know more about Romy and her passion for sneakers and content creation!

Looksee Design - Premium Acrylic Display Cases - Romy Marie - Romyy

Looksee: Tell our community a bit about yourself. Where you are from, how old you are, and how long have you been into sneakers?

Romy: My name is Romy Marie, I am 24 years old, and I am from Los Angeles, California. I have been into sneakers for almost 6 years now! I fell in love with EVERYTHING to do with sneakers and I wanted to learn everything I could possibly learn. I would sit at home and watch video after video about sneaker reviews, upcoming drops, sneaker collections, and everything in between. I started making sneaker content in 2017 and just would post my outfits along with my sneakers and slowly transitioned over the years into posting everywhere TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat.) Over the years my following started to grow and I just always loved what I was posting and so that’s where I am today!

Looksee: With nearly fifty thousand subscribers on YouTube, 117k on instagram, and 840k on TikTok what would you say was your key to success? Do you have any advice for someone trying to get into content creation or start treating their social media more than a hobby?

Romy: I would definitely say my key to success as corny as it sounds is CONSISTENCY. Without consistency I wouldn't be where I am today. I dont think people realize how important posting OFTEN if not everyday is! It takes ONE video to blow up and then the growth usually continues from that if you take advantage of it. Posting everyday has been a huge reasoning for my success/growth on every platform. Not only is consistency super important but also always being authentically you. People follow you for you. Personality is a huge thing for why people follow a page. They love everything about it. Not just the content, but the person behind it. Always do what you love when it comes to content. It’s a lot easier to continuously make content throughout the years that you genuinely enjoy making. Another HUGE thing I’ve learned is you cant be upset if every video doesn't perform well. It happens to everyone. You will go through waves of disappointment, but you just gotta keep posting! Don’t let views stop you from posting. Always remind yourself you are posting because you LOVE to post.

Looksee: What is your favorite type of content to create? Vlogs, TikTok, Streaming, Etc?

Romy: My favorite type of content to post would have to be a mix between vloging and TikTok. I absolutely love posting vlogs because people can see the personality behind the “TikToks.” They get to see the real Romy. Also, I just love vlogging so I will be able to look back at all my videos as memories throughout the years of all the things I documented. I do have a lot of fun with my TikTok videos as well! I think its fun to figure out a new trend/video that works for your page and weaseling your way around the algorithm to find the perfect place for your page. I always love and enjoy my videos I post on TikTok and thats what matters the most!

Looksee: If you were not a content creator, what else would you be doing right now?

Romy: I would have followed my other dream to be a professional dancer! I grew up dancing through middle school and high school. I even tried out for the Sacramento Kings dance team back in 2016 and made it all the ways to finals! I always wanted to be an NBA or NFL dancer!

Looksee: What is the one sneaker grail you would choose if money wasn’t a factor in purchasing them?

Romy: One sneaker grail I would choose if money wasn't a factor would be the SB Dunk Freddy Krueger. I always have been so fascinated by that shoe!

Looksee: What’s the craziest sneaker story you have? (Campouts, nightmare transactions, trips to shows, etc.)

Romy: Crazy enough, I don’t have that crazy of a sneaker story! Although, the coolest experience I would say I have had was getting to be on Sneaker Shopping with Complex/Joe La Puma! Back when I worked at Cookies N’ Kicks when got to be the host store for the episode with Noah Beck! It was amazing to get to see how they set up and film episodes for that series and getting to be the cashier for our store in that episode!

Looksee: For those reading this that may not know you outside of social media, what other hobbies do you have?

Romy: I have always grown up as a creative being! I love to dance, draw, design clothing, hang out with friends, roller skate, and so much more.

Looksee: What did your parents think when you first started taking social media and content creation seriously? How do they react to the following you have managed to amass now? 

Romy: I think they always knew I wanted to pursue social media, but didnt think I would ever succeed. I grew up being a streamer from 2013 and my mom could always tell I had the character to be on TV or a social media influencer. In 2017 I told my mom I was picking up and moving to LA no matter what she had to say. I knew she was super hesitant and wanted me to stay and go the college route, but I told her I was leaving without being convinced. Fast forward 5 years, she is super proud of me for doing it all on my own without any help from anyone and she is very supportive of me!

Looksee: Do you have any pointers for someone getting into sneaker collecting? 

Romy: My BIGGEST advice to anyone getting into sneaker collecting is “WEAR WHAT YOU WANT.” Don’t listen to anyone else who is telling you a shoe you like “isn’t cool” or “isn’t hype.” I’ve always bought shoes I knew I would love to hold onto, wear, photograph or anything. The shoe was bought for you, and that is all that matters- what YOU think of the shoe. *one of my favorite shoes is actually Uptempos.* I get told alllllll the time how ugly that shoe is, but guess what? I don’t care!

Looksee: Do you plan on attending any sneaker events in 2023? We know you have been traveling the Sneaker Con Circuit. Will you continue attending with them?

Romy: Yes! I plan to travel EVEN MORE in 2023! Sneakercon has my heart as I have traveled with them since 2018! So many exciting events to come in 2023.

Looksee: Are there any other creators you look at for motivation or content ideas? Also, who are your top three creators at this time? (No particular order)

Romy: I always look to my fellow sneaker friends for motivation. We have a pretty good relationship (all the sneaker influencers) and are like a big fat family. Anytime I need advice, motivation, help, ideas, or anything I go to my fellow sneaker creators. I don’t really think I could pick my top three creators because I think everyone makes amazing content in their own ways but I would have to say some of my favorites for their creativity and unique concepts are Sole Loco boys, Winona Kicks, and Jake Polino. I find myself resonating with influencers who put a unique twist on sneaker content and these three nail it.

Looksee: Favorite sneaker in your collection? 

Romy: My favorite sneaker in my collection would have to be my Serena William Off-White Blazers. Such a unique and beautiful color palette.

Looksee Design - Premium Acrylic Display Cases - Romy Marie - Romyy

Looksee: What can our community and the rest of the sneaker community look out for from Romy Marie in the next couple of months? Merch, collabs, etc. (Any teasers)

Romy: I am most definitely working on merch over the next few months, always looking for new people to collab with to create the next big social media trend, and might even be looking in to starting a podcast of some sort…

Looksee: Are there any releases you are looking forward to in the next couple of months?

Romy: I am REALLY looking forward to the Orange Lobsters SB Dunks, and A Ma Maniere Jordan 4s. Both are such beautiful shoes that I would love to add to my collection.

Looksee: One sentence to describe the current state of the sneaker industry. Go! 

Romy: Women are changing the game.

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